Strategic Committees

Our primary focus over the course of the two-year period between September 2019 to August 2021 is to engage all stakeholders (Government, Industry, and Academia) in proffering effective and efficient solutions to our local problems. This is in line with the objectives of NSE, and our Victoria Island branch vision/mission/strategic action plan (STRAP). Our STRAP is aligned to our national quest for the involvement of local Engineers in the development of Nigeria to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs) by the year 2030. Furthermore, our enabling strategies (STRAP) takes into cognizance the international Engineering community (Washington/Sydney/Dublin) accords to engender Outcome-Based Engineering (OBE) education-driven mainly by Council for Engineering Regulation in Nigeria (COREN). We have four (4) enabling strategies or initiatives, namely PERVASIVE INNOVATION, SERVICE TO OUR SOCIETY, HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT, AND ENHANCED WELFARE. We have set up standing committees to develop detailed plans and ensure that the ideals of our initiatives are executed. Our programme of activities for the 2019/2020 Engineering Year shows how ambitious, daring and focused we are. Click to view of list of activities (attach our MS Excel table showing 2019/2020 programme of activities as submitted to NSE HQ). NSE Victoria Island Branch strategic initiatives for 2019/2020 is driven by four (4) committees namely:


Pervasive Innovation Committee (PIC)

The committee’s Terms of Reference (ToR) are listed below.

1. Maintain relationship with Nigeria Content Development & Monitoring Board (NCDMB).
2. Industrial Research and Technical Exhibition to spur invention, problem solving, and improvement.
3. Interact with Captains of Industries for the benefit of the Branch’s members and financial support.
4. Attract new members through industrial and innovation programmes.
5. Raise funds for the Branch’s activities and programmes.

PIC team is led by Engr. Mrs Omobolanle GIWA, FNSE.  Other members of the committee include: Engr. Abosede OYEKUNLE, Engr. David DABERECHI, Engr. Segun OLAMOYEGUN, Engr. Chinelo OKAFOR, Engr Gift NWANEVU, and Engr Sulaimon OMISANYA.


PIC Head – Engr. Mrs. Omobolanle GIWA, FNSE

Engr. Omobolanle GIWA FNSE, is a Process Engineer by profession. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Lagos in 2004 and a Masters in Process Engineering from the same University in 2019. Before commencing her Engineering career, she had a stint in KPMG Professional Services from 2005. She left the firm as an Experienced Staff Analyst in 2007 and was thereafter admitted into the one-year Shell Intensive Training Programme where she obtained a Certificate in Oil and Gas Engineering from the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, United Kingdom in 2008. Engr. Giwa FNSE, has over ten (10) years of experience in the field of Process engineering, with her experience cutting across Concept selection, design, execution and operation including facilities optimization. She is termed a Company influencer, especially in her role as the Lead Deep Water Projects (DWP) Winning Ways of Working Ambassador and a Shell Global Projects and Engineering Culture Collective. She has a zeal for organizational transformation -driving a mindset change, ensuring a thriving and inspired workforce and ultimately increasing availability and productivity. She is currently the DWP Senior Business Analyst and double hats as the SNEPCo. Proactive Technical Monitoring Focal Point leading a team to proactively reduce unscheduled Oil & Gas volume deferments. She is a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (FNSE) and an Engineer registered with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN). She is also a member of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers (NSChE), Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), the Association of Professional Women Engineers in Nigeria (APWEN) and is a Chartered Engineer, Institute of Chemical Engineers, UK (IChemE). Engr. Giwa, FNSE previously served as the Assistant General Secretary, NSE Victoria Island Branch from 2017–2018 and as the Branch General Secretary from 2018-2019. She has served in various committees at the NSE National and Branch level and is now the Head of the NSE VI Branch Pervasively Innovate Committee. She is a driving force for increasing the involvement of her Engineering colleagues in developing the Engineering profession in Nigeria. She is a mentor to several young engineers; and passionate about the development of the girl child, collaboration/ integration.

Service to Our Society Committee (SoS)

The committee’s terms of reference (ToR) are listed below.

1. Professional Ethics, and monitoring as indicated in the amended COREN Act 2018. Maintain strong relationship with COREN Liaison Office in Ikoyi Lagos and agree an MoU for collaboration and fund raising through ERM activities.
2. Monitor and advise on environmental degardation, pollution and abuse.
3. Prevention, investigation, and Failure Analysis:
a. Investigate, analyze, and report all engineering failures and collapses that are in the Branch’s coverage.
b. Investigate and report any local engineering problem that are drawn to the attention of the Branch.
c. Report on Engineering failure of infrastructures in public utilities and the industries.
4. Appraise and advice the state government on annual budget and implementation to ensure up to 70% budget implementation.
5. Recommend and Implement the Branch’s Community Engineering Programme (CEP) within the Branch’s coverage area.

SoS committee is led by Engr. Mrs Oyinda ONIGBOGI.  Other members of the committee are: Engr. Abraham MRAKPOR, Engr. Abiodun SALAMI, Engr. Jolomi MAYOMI, Engr. Kunle SALAU, Engr. Nwanne OREKYEH, Engr. Emeka IBEH, and Engr. Ms. Tosin OLAIYA.

SoS Head – Engr. Mrs Oyinda ONIGBOGI, MNSE

Engr. Oyinda ONIGBOGI, MNSE, has over 20 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and a Masters of Science degree in Chemical Process Engineering from University of Lagos and University of London respectively. She is currently the JV Engineering Services Advisor of Facilities Engineering & Major Capital Projects group of Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL). She has vast experience in Process Engineering Design and Operations, Early Concept /New Projects Development, Project Management, Construction Management, Asset Retirement and Base Business Operations. Prior to joining Chevron Nigeria Limited, she worked as a Process Design Engineer for the National Engineering & Technical Company (NETCO) and Terra Energy Services. Engr. Onigbogi is serving the NSE VI Branch as the Head of the Service of Society (SoS) Committee. Together with the SoS team, she is committed to making a positive change to the society by leveraging collective engineering knowledge and skills. She is passionate about mentoring the younger engineering generation especially Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) in girls. She pursues this passion by leading the PetroTech Special Interest Group of the Womens’ Network in CNL.


Human Capital Development Committee (HCD)

The committee’s terms of reference (ToR) are listed below.

1. Organise Annual Job in the first quarter of every year i.e. Q1 – 2020 (January to March).
2. Collate and broadcast job opening from all companies with the Branch’s coverage area while ensuring an updated Job Seekers database in the secretariat.
3. Organise seminars, workshops, technical papers, and the production of journals for the branch.
4. Ensure the progressive growth of the Branch on Group Dynamics score by compiling and submitting all the requirements in accordance with specification and schedule.
5. Raise funds for the Branch’s activities through the seminars, workshops, conferences, and adverstisement in journals and online blog page.


HCD committee is led by Engr. Emeka OKOYE.  Other members of the committee are: Engr. Olusegun OLAMOYEGUN, …HCD Head to appoint other members…

HCD Head – Engr. Emeka OKOYE, MNSE

Engr. Emeka Okoye, is a mechanical engineer with a Mechanical Engineering bachelor’s degree from University of Nigeria Nsukka, which he obtained in 1998. He has various other academic and non-academic qualifications ranging from an MBA from the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Accra, Ghana in 2015 and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Entrepreneurship Online Bootcamp in 2018. He has had varying experiences, over twenty (20) years, across different engineering fields, ranging from Project Management, Process Engineering, integrated production systems optimization, gas to liquids engineering, etc. He has passion for the development of the engineer in his/her local environment. He is driven by the zeal to ensure that Nigeria takes its pride of place in the comity of nations as it pertains to technological advancements.


Enhanced Welfare Committee (EWC)

The Enhanced Welfare Committee’s Terms of Reference (ToR) are listed below.

1. Oragnise such activities that would generate funds for the Branch.
2. Encourage and endorse all matters that seeks to enhance the welfare of members (weddings, childbirth, send-forth, esprit de corps, hospitalisation, death)
3. Acquire information relating to member’s welfare needs, notify the Chairman in writing, and attend/visit such events where necessary.
4. Ensure that expense for each welfare activities is within approved limits in the Branch Bylaws.
5. Raise funds from industries and multinationals within the Branch’s coverage. Maintain a healthy communication with all organisations and members.

EWC is led by Engr. Engr. Mrs Nneamaka EKECHUKWU.  Other members of the committee are: Engr. Maryanne EGBE, Engr. Mrs Chioma CHIGOZIRIM, Engr. Gift NWANEVU, Engr. Major Danol ADENIYI.


EWC Head – Engr. Mrs Amaka EBERECHUKWU, MNSE

Engr. Mrs. Nneamaka Grace Ekechukwu is a Principal Engineer with the National Engineering and Technical Company (NETCO), Limited, a subsidiary of NNPC. She has over eighteen (18) working years’ experience on good engineering practices in the oil & gas industry. Breaking it down, she has ten (10) years’ experience in Project Engineering and Management, Interface Engineering and Management, Preparation of technical and commercial bid proposals/tendering documentation for EPCIC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, and Commissioning) projects. Over five (5) years’ experience on onshore, offshore projects relating to Materials and Corrosion protection design and five (5) years’ experience on Pipeline Engineering and design.

She is currently the Deputy Project Manager for the TOTAL IKIKE SURF Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation project, managing project personnel and resources on the project.

Some of the projects she has worked on are listed below;
• Detailed Engineering Design of the EGINA FPSO project
• Bonga South West Aparo SURF Re-Feed Project
• Detailed Engineering Design of the OKAN GGCP Debottlenecking project
• SOKU Non Associated Gas Compression project
• NGPTC FEED of Makaraba GPCF & 32KM X 16” Makaraba TO ODIDI Node GAS Pipeline
• Detailed Engineering Design for Produce Water Disposal Project
• Registered Member, Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)
• Corporate Member, The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE)
• Member, Society of Women Engineers International (SWE)
• Member Project Management Institute(PMI)

Ad-hoc Committees

The branch chairman can set-up ad-hoc committees on need basis to complete a quick task within a short period, for instance a week or a month but not exceeding a quarter of the year. Some ad-hoc committees are listed below:

Financial Audit Committee responsible for the comprehensive and forensic audit of branch financial transactions including revenue, special funds, and expenses. The audit committee also flags non-compliance to established Financial Process and NSE Branch Bylaws. The 2019/2020 Audit Committee was led by by Engr. Prisca KANEBI, FNSE (a former Internal Auditor of the branch), and supported by the Assistant Financial Secretary of the NSE VI branch – Engr. Israel UTHO. A new Audit Committee committee will be inaugurated in March 2021.

Group Dynamics Committee responsible for tracking the execution, compilation, and reporting of the branch’s activities for the year. The committee also advises the Chairman and ExCo on what/when/how to enrich NSE VI branch programme of activities for increased Engineering, Technical, and Social impact. Indeed, the GD Committee is expected to impart knowledge to the Executive Committee based on their experience at local and national level. The committee is led by Engr. Abu SALAMI, FNSE (a former chairman of the branch), and supported by the Internal Auditor of NSE Victoria Island Branch – Engr. Austyne DURU.  A new Audit Committee committee will be inaugurated in March 2021.

Digital Visibility Committee responsible for upgrading & upscaling NSE VI branch presence, signature, and content in the digital (internet) space. Specific tasks include setting up accounts and pages on all viable social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Additional task includes redesigning NSE VI website to reflect a modern Theme that is friendly and supports our portal-like access. Our engagement of a Social Media Manager is a key part of this drive and the role will manage all our digital visibility quest. The committee is led by NSE VI branch Chairman – Engr. John AUDU, FNSE – and supported by in-house ICT Promoter – Engr. Austyne DURU. This committee has been upgraded to a Strategic Committee to be known as ICT Committee.

Board of Editors responsible for reviewing & editing the content posted on NSE VI branch digital space – social media pages and our website blog. This includes editing of videos, images, articles, programme adverts, and meeting notices. The 2020/2021 Board of Editors will be led by the Technical Secretary (Editor as per the NSE Branch Bylaws) and supported by the other secretaries such as GS, FS, WS, and PS. The aim is to ensure that NSE-VI Newsletter (The Island Engineer) bears complete spectra of accomplished and upcoming events. The BoE is also responsible for ensuring full reportage of Strategic Committee’s achievements in our Quarterly Magazine. The Board of Editors (BoE) is led by NSE VI branch Vice Chairman – Engr. Emeka IBEH – and supported by our in-house poetic thespian – Engr. Christian OKWORI.