NSE Victoria Island Branch (NSE-VI) is organised as a subset of Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and governed through the NSE Branch By-law which can only be revised by the NSE Council. According to the By-law, the branch highest decision-making body is the Members present during an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the branch which coincides with election of new Executive Officers. Inorder to ensure the planning and execution of programmes, an Executive Committee (ExCo) is inaugurated annually although the Chairman’s term is biennial. See the attached organizational chart for detailed list of elected officers and appointed officers of NSE-VI. The ExCo is supported by strategic committees that cover all the items mentioned in the By-law. Committee heads are appointed by the Branch Chairman after careful selection and acceptance process, thereafter each committee heads select branch members that they find suitable and willing to help achieve the mandate or terms of reference. Each committee has the branch chairman as an observer, and an ExCo member as committee secretary. The branch Chairman can also set up ad-hoc committees, for a short term not exceeding three (3) months, to plan & implement certain projects. Some ad-hoc committees include Financial Audit, Group Dynamics, Digital Visibility, and Board of Editors. Ad-hoc committees are composed of task-related ExCo Officers, aligned Strategic Committee Heads, and Subject Matter Experts (SME).


The daily operation of the branch is conducted through a Secretariat which is managed by the branch’s General Secretary – one of the principal officers of the branch. Other secretaries – Technical, Financial, and Publicity – works closely with the secretariat to ensure seamless implementation of ExCo and General Meeting resolutions. The secretariat is manned by an Administrative Officer for physical interface while a Digital Brand Manager interfaces on all social media platforms. Temporary support staff are recruited on a need basis.