Group Dynamics Competition For Branches

Group Dynamics Competition For Branches

NSE Victoria Island Branch (NSE-VI) score 92.5% to clinch the top position with Maitama and Kaduna coming 2nd and 3rd respectively. Receiving the award on behalf of Victoria Island Branch, the National President of Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) – Engr Babagana Mohammed FNSE – joined his local branch on the stage to celebrate a desire that has been in the waiting since 2007 when the branch was inaugurated. He was the third Chairman of NSE-VI branch.

The 2019/2020 Technical Year saw a lot of innovation from the Engr John AUDU FNSE led NSE-VI Executives & Committees. They cut their chase and focused on the target of surpassing the 3rd position of 2019 after upturning a dismal 18th position from the 2018 Group Dynamics competition. In a chat with his ExCo team, an elated John AUDU stated: “Our passion and collective efforts have finally paid off” as he responded to myriad of congratulations for his focus and energy.

In an appreciation remark to an NSE & COREN update forum, NSE-VI Technical Secretary – Engr Austyne DURU MNSE – wrote thus: “Thank you NSE for supporting/rewarding the good works of Victoria Island Branch. We look forward to more support as we continue to bring Engineering solutions to our local challenges. Congratulations to all of us – National President, Engr Babagana MOHAMMED FNSE; Branch Chairman, Engr John AUDU FNSE; Immediate Past Chairman, Engr Rose MADAKI FNSE; and all 2,000+ members of NSE-VI.” He also congratulated his predecessor, Engr Ezekiel AJI, for a good Group Dynamics outcome.

The reward for good work is more work. Engr Abu SALAMI FNSE, the maiden Chairman of NSE-VI branch, had this to say: “Congratulations to the branch that makes the difference. I am so happy that we got there at last. We are the youngest branch to get there. I wish to thank our branch Chairman and his team for their doggedness, focus and consistency. The President of NSE will be the happiest person today because it is happening during his tenure. What is next? Sustainability. Let start thinking of putting our Group Dynamics Sustainability Team in place now.”

The die is cast, the branch that makes the difference must sustain the feat.

Compiled by Engr Austyne DURU MNSE

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