The membership of the Branch is open to any Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. Graduate and Student Engineers are qualified to be part of the Young Engineers Forum of the Branch.
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The Branch Secretariat is located at the ground floor of NSE HQ Annex at Engineering Close Victoria Island.

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The Branch general meeting is held once a month on the last Thursday of every month.

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A graduate engineer can register with COREN via the following steps:

Aquire 4 years of relevant post-graduation experience in your Engineering field.
Register with NSE as a Corporate Member.
Apply to COREN for registration using your NSE corporate Member credentials.
Obtain your COREN registration Certificate.

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The COREN Registration Certificate is Issued once after Registration Approval while the COREN practising Licence is valid for only 12 months and must go through Annual renewal.

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Industrial visits

An Organisation that employs the Services of Engineers is eligible for an industrial visit from the Branch


Technical Presentation during industrial visits is encouraged as a means of giving its members detailed understanding of the niche occupied by the Host organisation; this encourages members interested in such organisations to pursue such interest for a beneficial career experience.


You can reach NSE at www.nse.org.ng.

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The ideal approach to become a registered member of NSE is to join an NSE Branch or Division and commence the registration process through them; all required guidance will be appropriately provided.

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The Membership of The Nigerian Society of Engineers give one access to the following benefits:

Being part of a close network of over 20,000 Engineering personnel spread across National and International arena.
Simplified access to other Engineering Bodies which include COREN, ASCE, IEEE, etc
Access to career building Training from NSE and its affiliate organisations listed above both via online and offline platforms,
Access to current information on government policies relating to Engineering Practise and Engineering projects.

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The Nigerian Society of Engineers Conducts two exams each year for admission into the Corporate membership category of the Society.

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