Engineering Solution To The Lagos Traffic Challenge

Engineering Solution To The Lagos Traffic Challenge



Communique on the Lagos Traffic Management Symposium tagged ENGINEERING SOLUTION TO THE LAGOS TRAFFIC CHALLENGE Held Virtually on Saturday 11th April, 2020 at 11:00AM


  1. There should be immediately set up a special intervention fund or commission to support Lagos State financially in order to meet the growing infrastructural needs of the populace due to its special status having 10% of the country’s population and responsible for the highest non-oil revenue of Nigeria as well as being the country’s economic nerve center
  2. The Lagos State Government should open its doors wide open for private sector participation especially via Public Private Partnership (PPP) schemes in the transport sector as it is obvious that the state alone can no longer meet the growing demand for transport infrastructure
  3. The creation of single digit special interest to be instituted by commercial banks and the Central Bank of Nigeria for private investor in the transport sector being that double-digit interest rate is not sustainable and unviable in meeting the growing transport infrastructure demand of Lagos megacity
  4. Immediate decongestion of Lagos roads with alternate means of transportation especially by massive use of waterways
  5. The enlightenment, advocacy and promotion of waterways transportation by training members of the public on swimming, as well as the introduction of swimming classes in primary and secondary schools in order to grow commuter confidence on water.
  6. Encouragement of private sector participation in water transport as well as the standardization of safety and equipment by players
  7. Massive and urgent improvement in waterway safety and emergency response to boost public confidence
  8. Review on project pricing and procurement processes to enhance value for money and the covering of fund losses on projects
  9. Redesigning of Lagos roads with appropriate curves in place of 90 degree turning to enhance traffic movement at junctions and in order to enhance easier and quicker entry and exit of diversion for large vehicle and articulated vehicles
  10. Redesign, construction, reconstruction and frequent desilting of drainages in order to minimize flood induced traffic and road dissolution by rainfall.
  11. Massive application of technology in the integration, monitoring, control and coordination of Lagos traffic
  12. More involvement of local engineers and engineering bodies and institutions in seeking and providing solutions to traffic problems and in the development of policy frame works as well as the provision of external supervision on projects from conception to completion
  13. Special priorities should be given to employers of labor, businesses and organizations to be located along water and land transport corridors
  14. Immediate review of the Land Use laws to decentralize business districts and the dissolution of overconcentration of business in a single geographic area so as to break the herds pattern of Lagos traffic being heavy in one direction and light in the opposite at mornings and evenings respectively or vis-à-vis.
  15. Encouragement by tax waivers and other palliatives by government to companies who can increase the rates of their employees working from home as well as those with flexible and variable resumption and closing schedules
  16. Massive development and deepening of local content in the transport sector including control, administration, design, construction, machineries and equipment, maintenance and research and development
  17. Development of a linear programing model for the optimization of multiple modes of transportation within Lagos
  18. Side street traffic management systems, including dedicated car parks
  19. Private sector participation in side street traffic management law enforcement


In Attendance

Engr. Babagana Mohammed, FNSE – President, Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE)

Engr. John Audu, FNSE – Chairman, Nigerian Society of Engineers, Victoria Island Branch (NSEVI)

Engr. Christian Okwori – Scribe/Head Organizing

Engr. Mrs. Oyinda Onigbogi – Chairman Organizing Committee

Engr. Olusegun Olamoyegun – Moderator

Engr. Omobolanle Giwa, FNSE – Co-Moderator

Engr. Abraham Mrakpor, MNSE – Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Frederic Abimbola Oladeinde – Hon. Commissioner for Transport, Lagos State

Engr. Mrs. Abimbola Akinajo – Managing Director, Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA)

Mr. Fola Tinubu – Managing Director, Primero Bus Transport Service Limited

Mr. Emmanuel Oluwadamilola – General Manager, Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA)

Engr. Abiodun Otunola – Managing Director, Planet Projects Limited

Members of Nigerian Society of Engineers, public officials and concerned professionals

General public



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